About Me

Hello my name is Lori Lehman and I am the owner and operator of Lori Lehman Photography.
Growing up in northern California I developed a love of photography at a young age.
I was fascinated with my parents accordion Polaroid Land camera from the early 60's.
I had my own Polaroid by the 5th grade, I can vividly remember the "fresh film scent" that whooshed out when you opened the foil packet of a new film cartridge. 
Photography has been a constant for me. I almost always have a camera with me.
 I have captured all the different stages of my life and I love having a pictorial story to savor and share. Portraits have always been my favorite type of photography. I feel a unique connection with people when I photograph them. I find it fun and a challenge to capture peoples individuality.
Creating a portrait that showcases you and/or your loved ones is the goal at
Lori Lehman Photography.

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